Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Program ~ Great Option For Everyone!!

ONLY $10 a month to be a consultant with SoyLicious.com!!!

Receive a fully functional website, backoffice system, 40% discount on all products, residual income when building a team.

Whether you love candles for yourself or want to make extra money selling awesome products...this plan is GREAT!!!


Finally a company that allows you to buy WHAT you want, WHEN you want it!!! All with NO QUOTAS!!! No committments!

SoyLicious.com is now offering an option to become a consultant with no monthly autoship of candles. You will have a choice to be a consultant for only $10.00 a month to maintain your websites, backoffice, and support and then have the freedom to place orders on your own free will. The biggest advantage for this is saving on shipping and the ability to order the products you want instead of receiving the candle of the month. The candle of the month option is still available for those that do want this.

As a consultant, your recruitment opportunity will be increased as well, because more people may find this program more desirable. Plus, when a new consultant signs, the enroller will get a bonus for each sign-up, plus the monthly commissions for their 6-level downline. ($15 and $42) Although the initial start-up package will be more of an investment to new recruits for their first order, we have found that consultants who are serious about making this business work for them will be more successful with a small investment which in turn gives them more tools to really launch their business.

This new program is set to launch on or around May 7th. The reason I am telling you this in advance is because until May 15th, you will have the opportunity to join for the $29.95 First Month Candle Of The Month. After May 15th, all new consultants must join with one of the two sign-up packages detailed below. You will be able to choose your monthly option upon sign up; but after the 15th, signing up with the initial $29.95 Candle Of The Month will no longer be an option.

If you are still considering, or reconsidering joining the SoyLicious.com team and may not want to invest in the sign-up package at this time; consider this offer which will only be available until May 15th.

The Sign-up kits will be one for $99 ($150 value) and one for $299 ($440 value) **And that price includes shipping for the kits! It contains product and an array of business materials to get started, including a nice set of samples in carrying cases.

There are still no monthly quotas and no long-term commitments. You are now able to remain an active consultant for $10.00 a month! You will still receive the full residual commission structure plus the full 40% discount on all products ordered.

We will be launching updated websites and continuing to grow our training and company force as we move forward. There are several new melters and additional scents coming as well.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions regarding this new program. SoyLiciousLady@live.com http://www.SoyLiciousLady.com