Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Already!

Already a month has passed by in this new decade and I am looking forward to what each month has to bring my family and I this year. I have been working on many things for my business, all while getting by with my full-time job as well. I feel that all of my past "excuses" for not having success in my own home business has all been just that, excuses. With a new perspective on life and success, I am seeing a much bigger and clearer picture. I see anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If someone would have told me a year ago that I could manage 3 kids, 2 locations, the stresses of spousal unemployment, struggles in my own job, plus build a foundation for my own successful business, I would have never believed it. The truth is however, I am managing it. Every day has ups and downs, but my forward thinking and positive reinforcements are the keys to my success.

My candle business is not just a business. It is an opportunity for me to be a leader. An opportunity to help others achieve their own goals, no matter how large or small. It is an opportunity for me to connect with like-minded people and really build a business and friendship base that will last. As my business grows, I find that it is also a way to financially destress my family. I realize that patience is the first thing I need to achieve to reach those goals. My list of things I want to do with my business and my live is a mile long. I am taking this list day by day, achieving what I can, and moving forward. Being patient for the big things and seeing little results every day that will lead me to my goals.

I went to my accountant yesterday for my taxes. In discussing my business with her, she was very open and interested in the products I had to offer. I gave her a free candle to burn in her office and she was willing to keep samples and brochures in her office for others to see. Another door has opened. Getting my name out there and getting these wonderful products out there - that is one small example of doing something today to benefit tomorrow.

I have a display of information set up at my bank. I am making scent samples for people to take as well.

The next 2 Saturday's I will be doing a Valentine's Day craft show. February 6th in Lee's Summit and February 13th in Blue Springs. If you are in the Kansas City area, please contact me for more information and visit me. I will be giving away free candles and will have scent samples and chocolate!

These are all steps I am taking toward making my candle business my full-time career. By retailing great products, leading a team of wonderful people, and just showing them what I am doing. By reaching out and showing people that I am just a normal, regular, average person just like everyone else - I hope I provide the ability for everyone to see within themselves that anything can be achieved with a little ambition, excitement, and committment. No matter how committed you want to be to your own business, success is waiting for you.

Do you like candles? Do you want a cleaner, healthier candle product for your family and home? Do you want to make extra money or transition into a new career? Do you want to have the opportunity to feel achievement with something you love doing?

Join my team at SoyLicious.com and see what you can achieve. Be a part of a new company that will see great growth and new things to develop into a great business and company. New websites, new products, new materials and tools, etc. are all being either developed or in the stages of development. Don't wait for everything to be perfect - join us now and grow with us!

Go to my site and request more information. I will send you information and a few free scent samples. www.SoyLiciousLady.com

Think Spring and have a great day!

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